SYNAPTICS: Voice Processor for Amazon Alexa embedded platforms.

  • Superior End User Experience
  • Optimized manufacturing Cost
  • Reduced time to Market


Voice Control in embedded products requires advanced algorithms with enhanced noise suppression and echo cancellation to make the system work reliable, and ensure that speech recognition engines like Amazon AVS hear the user’s voice and nothing else. If the voice is noisy the speech recognition will not work.


Synaptics's ”Nebula” Voice Processor is a SoC device that includes two 24-bit microphone Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), a powerful dual core 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP), and integrated power management. It runs with only 2 microphones and thereby minimizes the manufacturing cost.


The DSP runs Synaptics's AudioSmart™ far field voice input processing software suite, including Smart Source Pickup (SSP) noise suppression and full-duplex stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and a trigger engine for Wake-on-Voice suitable for battery type applications.


The 2 Mic reference design, drivers and tuning tools is available as an EV-KIT to be used with a Raspberry Pi 3. This will enable fast R&D design time and short time to market. The nebula voice processer will work with any Internet connected platform that can connect to Amazon Voice services.


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Synaptics Systems combines its IP portfolio in DSP, analog and mixed signal technology with embedded software to deliver highly innovative silicon and software solutions to enrich and expand audio and imaging capabilities.


Both enterprise and consumer markets are addressed by Synaptics's AudioSmartTM and ImagingSmartTM solutions. Products with the company’s technology built-in include PCs, tablet computers, TVs, headsets, printers, video monitors, game consoles and a variety of other devices.

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