LoRaWAN has become a favorable choice for LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Net-works) IoT implementations. The technology is widely used for both Smart City Networks and Private Network solutions.

The technology is a fully Open Source solution defined by the independent non-profit organization The LoRa Alliance. This gives the users the possibility to obtain full end to end control and ownership of all data transmitted on an IoT network, and thereby become network operator independent.

LoRaWAN is used by many Municipalities in the Nordics for Smart City solutions with sensors for applications like:
> Fleet Management and Tracking
> Indoor Climate monitering
> Waste Bins
> Predictive Maintenance on District heating pumps.
> Parking sensors

For more information contact:
DK, GB, IR: Tom Togsverd
SE, NO: Patrik Särenfors
FI, Baltics: Jari Makslahti

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