LoRa on 2,4GHz with Ranging.


The SX1280 and SX1281 transceivers provide ultra-long range communication in the 2.4 GHz band with the ability to withstand heavy interference and transmit over long range due to the new LoRa and FLRC modulation . This makes them the ideal solution for robust and reliable wireless solutions with long range and with the possibility to transmit and receive continuous data streams.


They are also the first ISM band transceiver IC of their kind to integrate a time-of-flight functionality, opening up application solutions to track and localize people, pets, drones, or objects in a factory with high accuracy. These long range 2.4 GHz products include multiple modulations methods to optimize for long range communication at high data rate for video, security applications. The radio frontend supports BLE to make it easy to build multi-mode radio systems.

Very small products for wearables can easily be designed thanks to the high level of integration - the package is 4*4 mm and has ultra-low current consumption - which allows the use of miniaturized batteries.


The radio is fully compliant with all worldwide 2.4 GHz radio regulations including EN 300 440, FCC CFR 47 Part 15 and the Japanese ARIB STD-T66.


The level of integration, low consumption and ranging function within the long range 2.4 GHz product line enable enhanced connectivity and provide additional functionality to a new generation of previously unconnected devices and applications.


  • Key Features
  • Long Range 2.4 GHz transceiver
  • High sensitivity, down to -132 dBm
  • +12.5 dBm, High efficiency PA
  • Low energy consumption, On-chip DC-DC
  • LoRa, FLRC (Fast Long Range Communication), (G)FSK supported modulations
  • Programmable bit rate
  • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Ranging Engine, Time-of-flight function
  • BLE PHY layer compatibility
  • Low system cost



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Semtech Delivers Wireless Charging Solution with LinkCharge™ CT




LinkCharge CT will accelerate wireless charging adoption by public enterprises and venues; only device with dual mode standards compliance and compatibility with faster charging phones


Semtech have announced availability of LinkCharge CT (countertop), an out-of-box-ready infrastructure wireless charging system for use in public, enterprise and consumer settings ― almost anywhere that most wirelessly charging, standards-compliant mobile phones and tablets are used and need to be charged.


LinkCharge CT is the only 15W medium power system that is currently compliant with the two major wireless charging industry standards, Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance, and it is compatible with faster charging phones, allowing the broadest number of devices to quickly and wirelessly restore battery power. A 20W solution is expected to be available soon.


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Wireless power & Charging ICs - Transmitters & Receivers

Semtech offers wireless power transmitter and receiver platforms for both direct and indirect charge or power applications in both standards compliant and non-compliant systems. Semtech is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), and is active in helping shape the future standards for wireless power. Power range from 1-100W.


Wireless Power Transmitter Features

  • Firmware-based for ultimate flexibility
  • Can support mutliple standards (WPC and PMA) and multiple power levels on a single design
  • Easily upgrade to new standards, while maintaining hardware design
  • Single and Dual site charger reference designs Qi® certified by the WPC
  • Supports single and mutli-coil architectures in full and half-bridge configurations
  • Supports higher power applications (scales to 40W+ for high-power applications)
  • Supports multiple supply voltages
  • Highest charging efficiency and lowest power dissipation

Wireless Power Receiver Features

  • Receiver products support both direct and indirect charging applications
  • Highest charging efficiency and lowest power dissipation
  • Greater overall system efficiency with direct charge
  • Supports higher power applications (scales to 40W+ for high-power applications)
  • Firmware-based programmable solutions for greater flexibility
  • Advanced foreign object detection (FOD)


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Unique Long Range radio from Semtech

LoRa is the perfect RF link for embeeded applications like IoT and other low power, low bandwidth long distance RF communications. Typical distances of 15km, running on ISM bands in the subGHz area, and with full support for the entire infrastructure. You obtain:


Longer distance (about 3-10 times). Avoid need for mesh network functionality


  • Decreases current consumption
  • Less repeaters
  • Lower system cost
  • Traditional FSK that reaches one floor up will LoRa make 7 floors in the same building


Spread spectrum modulation

  • Jamming resilient
  • Less risk for blind spots due to multiple paths (sum of all signals equals zero)
  • Increases probability for good reception (link) when for example mounted on metal wall.
  • Several spread factors can co-exist in the same band at the same time also together with plain FSK.
  • LoRa can be 20dB below FSK signal strength and both signals can be demodulated in the same band at the same time.
  • 2 FSKs can not be in same band at same time and the signal that is 8dB or larger dominates, equal strength=both fails
  • You can loose 50% of a symbol and it can be recovered using CRC
  • 50% of signals bandwidth can be lost without loosing reception


LoRa alliance

Network are created in many country's which opens up for lots of applications. Introduction to this network is found here:



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SEMTECH: Innovative Analogue Semiconductors

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. Semtech is dedicated to providing customers with specialized solutions and leading edge technology for a broad range of industrial applications.


Products include low-power wireless RF, touch interface, power management, digital sensor/signal conditioning ICs, circuit protection, timing and synchronization, , video broadcasting, high-performance optical transport equipment (SerDes) and high-reliability military products.

The products are used in many innovative systems and in some of the fastest growing markets in the industry.


These markets include Automatic Meter Reading, Ultra-Low Power Medical, Satellite Communication, Cellular Infrastructure, Smartphones, LCD TVs, Notebook Computers, Wireless LAN Modems, Optical Transport and Datacenters.


Semtech has more than 1300 employees in 31 locations.


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