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Bosch: The Bosch Group is a leading international company focusing on technology and services. The Bosch Group is divided into four business areas: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology. We resell The Parking Sensor solution from Bosch . https://bosch-iot-suite.com/iot-devices/parking-lot-sensor
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Digital Matter

Offices in US, Australia and South Africa. Digital Matter make sensors for LoRaWAN as well as other for other technologies. Most devices are easy to use and very configurable why they fit into most applications.

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Decentlab is a Swiss based company, founded in 2008, a spin off from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa). Decentlab has a range of products to standardize measurement and monitoring systems for controlled experiments and real-time monitoring. Decentlab's devices have been engineered to support a wide range of sensors and can be adapted to be used in many applications. All sensor products are based to LoRa technology due to superior performance.

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ELSYS was formed in 2005 as a spin-off from Umeå University involving several researchers and lecturers from the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics. Elsys LoRaWAN sensors shows good quality and easy configuration capabilities using NFC. Also, possible to make some configuration remotely.

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GlobalSat: At China based Globalsat, you can find the deepest engagement with the IoT & M2M solutions, the most determined will to take challenges, the broadest mind to embrace cutting-edge technologies and the most motivated heart to create innovations.https://www.globalsat.com.tw

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Kerlink is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN gateways and is a key partner to Semtech. They are a co.founder of Lora Alliance and hence always among the first on the market with gateways that are compliant with the newest LoRaWAN standards.

Kerlink have a full portfolio of Gateways that meet all requirements in the field: iFemtoCell is the low-cost indoor gateway suitable for perfect coverage in larger buildings (like hospitals) and even nearby buildings. Wirnet is the outdoor IP67 gateway that has been on the market for over 4 years and supports all standards for LoRaWAN 1.x IBTS is the newest module-based solution that meets all new requirements for LoRaWAN 2.0 including features like Geolocation. IBTS comes as Full Size and a Compact solution. All gateways are available for all global ISM bands and can include a Small Private network (SPN) license to support a local network Server.

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MClimate is a Bulgarian based manufacturer of LoRaWAN sensors for smart building applications like Smart Radiator Controller, Indoor Climate monitoring and T-valves.
All devices have a complete open API allowing either to run on the MClimate Enterprise server or make your own payload decoder on your preferred platform.

See products available on the webshop

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Holley: Holley is dedicated to the energy IoT industry. Holley provides intelligent metering solutions for energy, gas & water.

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For more information contact:
DK: Søren Manicus & Rune Domsten
SE, NO: Patrik Särenfors
FI & Baltics: Santtu Korpinen
GB & IR: Duncan Bennett

NKE Watteco

NKE Watteco

nke watteco: nke WATTECO is a French company specialising in the capture of physical quantities and environmental data related to the industry, buildings, transport, and in the wireless transmission of this information over LoRaWAN https://www.nke-watteco.com

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Norrsidan Innovation

Norrsidans innovation

LoRaWAN solutions for wastebin management https://norrsidans.com

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Swedish based Sensative have a unique set of LoraWAN based sensors call “Stips”.They fit into very narrow installations for Guard, Humidity or Presence detection. Includes battery and long life time capabilities. https://sensative.com/sensors/strips-lorawan-sensors

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Sensoterra: Sensoterra produce simple, robust and low-cost wireless soil moisture sensors. With these sensors, they help everyone involved in water management with managing water by retrieving insights which lead to water savings, higher yields, preventing drought damage and better use of land and natural resources. 

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Danish based SCAN Antenna supply precision antennas to some of the world’s most advanced, market leading companies.
Scan Antenna provide antennas fit for satellite voice/data, mobile/wireless GSM, GPS, marine/land based radio and other specialty systems.
Link to Scan antenna: https://www.scan-antenna.com/

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For more information contact:
DK: Søren Manicus & Rune Domsten
SE, NO: Patrik Särenfors
FI & Baltics: Santtu Korpinen
GB & IR: Duncan Bennett

Tectelic Communications
TEKTELIC is a premier supplier of best-in- class LoRaWAN® IoT Gateways, Sensors and custom applications. These elements combined provide a powerful end-to- end solution that can be easily, quickly and cost effectively deployed to address the most demanding IoT user requirements. With a growing portfolio of products TEKTELIC has solutions to address most global ISM frequency bands and its products can address a wide variety of vertical applications ranging from enterprise and commercial deployments to service provider and industrial solutions.

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