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Semtech is a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms. Semtech focus areas are:


Wireless RF

Semtech is the inventer of LoRa. Long-range, low-power RF for IoT applications, highly integrated and cost-effective, boasting a notable battery life of up to 20 years, a 5 km range in urban environments and a 15 km+ range outdoors.


Circuit Protection

Sophisticated devices that protect sensitive circuitry from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), Cable Discharge Events (CDE), and other electrical overstress.


Wireless Charging

Offering turnkey solutions for ranging power levels, support for industry standards and firmware-based flexibility for today’s cutting-edge wearables, mobile devices and indus-trial equipment.


Smart Sensing

Ultra-low power, feature-rich touch controllers that are optimized for numerous applications and provide best-in-class sensitivity with robust noise immunity to enhance touch and near range proximity detection.


Power Management

A pioneer in power management ICs across networking and industryal power, handheld power and automotive applications, Semtech leads the quest to enable a new class of greener, smarter and smaller end products.


Broadcast Video

Award-winning solutions designed specifically to push real-world broadcast boundaries in performance, reach, power, and signal integrity while reducing time to market and design risks.


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Kerlink is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN gateways and is a key partner to Semtech.


They are a co.founder of Lora Alliance and hence always among the first on the market with gateways that are compliant with the newest LoRaWAN standards.


Kerlink have a full portfolio of Gateways that meet all requirements in the field:


  • iFemtoCell is the low-cost indoor gateway suitable for perfect coverage in larger buildings (like hospitals) and even nearby buildings.
  • Wirnet is the outdoor IP67 gateway that has been on the market for over 4 years and supports all standards for LoRaWAN 1.x
  • IBTS is the newest module-based solution that meets all new requirements for LoRaWAN 2.0 including features like Geolocation. IBTS comes as Full Size and a Compact solution.


All gateways are available for all global ISM bands and can include a Small Private network (SPN) license to support a local network Server.


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Emb. Computing, AI, FPGA & Memory



Microchip is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN based modules. They are a co-founder of LoRa Alliance and have both PIC based and Atmel based modules.


  • RN2483A. LoRaWAN module including a PIC MCU to run the LoRaWAN stack and a Semtech radio chip for RF front end. Module is CE and Radio approved and is the perfect solution for a fast time to market solution as a ready to use Lo-RaWAN modem.
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  • SAMR34 is the newly introduced SIP solution. Based on Atmel SAMR21 and Semtech RF front end..Fully supported in Visual Studio design suite to enable fast designs where the application and the LoRaWAN protocol stack runs on the same MCU.



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Winbond is a 1B$+ Specialty Memory IC manufacturer from Taiwan with a 30 years history. The portfolio includes both FLASH and DRAM and can offer the entire need for memory solutions in many applications. The products fit very well to the Nordic industry for 3 key reason:


  • Winbond offers Long Lifetime Support
  • The Memory sizes are well suited for the industryal, IoT, Communication and Consumer applications in our territory.
  • Winbond have their own 12” fab, and hence have full control of the complete production flow.
  • The full control of manufacturing secures highest level of quality and includes support for KGD deliveries including SiP package bonding & power/thermal, DRAM simulation, wafer level on speed test etc.



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Audio & Sensing



Synaptics is a world leading provider of high-end audio solutions for digital headsets and voice-controlled devices.


Digital headset SoCs

Synaptics’ multi-tier headset product line features a wide range of audio codec solutions to meet the needs of various applications including USB Type-C headsets, advanced wireless and 3D gaming headsets, as well as more compact Universal Communication (UC) office headsets. Our broad array of low-power, high-resolution multi-core hardware codecs and audio software technologies enable greater innovation and differentiation within the market, helping manufacturers develop new and exciting high-performance headsets, headphones, hearables and audio accessories.


AudioSmart Far-field voice DSPs

The future is now. Voice has become the most exciting interface for interacting with consumer electronics, from tiny wearables to large appliances. Driven by advancements for the smart home and more broadly consumer IoT, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smart lighting are quickly advancing due to Audi-oSmart far-field voice technology. Throughout the voice revolution, Synaptics has been bolstering its industry-leading portfolio of advanced audio hardware and software solutions designed to help today’s always-listening voice-enabled devices hear and be heard better.



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TDK InvenSense


TDK InvenSense is a world leading provider of MEMS motion sensors and MEMS microphones.


MEMS microphones

InvenSense’s analog and digital microphone portfolios build on a strong heritage of industry firsts, including continuous improvement of MEMS microphone SNR, ever-higher integration levels, and even lower power consumption. Technological advances like these have enabled machine speech recognition & adaptive noise suppression to become commonplace in consumer devices and other applications.


Humans intuitively understand audio capture to be a critical factor in awareness of their sur-roundings. InvenSense is working to enable the same level of awareness for smart devices with leading-edge MEMS microphones. InvenSense combines the capability to sense audio along with cutting-edge motion detection, which is important for many contextual awareness applications.


MEMS motion sensors

InvenSense was the first company to deliver Motion Interface solutions with fully integrated sensors and robust MotionFusion™ firmware algorithms. Our MotionTracking™ devices enable our customers to integrate Motion Interface capability directly into devices, easily and with minimal development cost and effort. InvenSense is a pioneer and leader in our industry, con-sistently delivering game changing solutions.


We began with the world’s first dual-axis MEMS gyroscopes in 2006 for the digital still camera market, the world’s first integrated 3-axis motion processing solution for smart phones in 2009, the world’s first single-chip integrated 6-axis MotionTracking™ device in 2010, the world’s first integrated 9-axis MotionTracking™ device in 2012; and in 2014, the  ICM-20728, the world’s first integrated 7-axis (3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer + pressure sensor) single-chip platform solution with onboard Digital Motion Processor (DMP™).


Motion- and gesture-based devices from InvenSense are rapidly becoming a key function in many consumer electronic devices including mobile, wearable, Smart Home, and automotive and industryal devices. Our motion solutions, including gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses and pressure sensors, detect and track an object’s motion in three-dimensional space, allow-ing consumers to interact with their electronic devices by tracking motion in free space and delivering these motions as input commands.



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Acconeer has developed a groundbreaking 3D sensor technology that creates endless possibilities in a wide range of applications within several industryes. The need for an energy-efficient, advanced high-precision 3D sensor in a small form factor is growing rapidly in global technologies such as computer vision, human interaction, AR / VR and the Internet of Things.


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