LoRa Workshop

Indesmatech invites you to a ½ day LoRa workshop in close cooperation with chip- and module manufactures as well as infrastructure providers and system integrators.


Get hands-on on this new sub 1 GHz Long Range technology running on the ISM bands, perfectly suited for IoT and M2M applications with typically 15 km transmission range.


The network can be established with your own gateways, or you can connect to a public network that will soon be available from infrastructure providers. During the workshop you will see and operate LoRa devices on node and gateway level and get knowledge on the complete infrastructure and solution.


Partners for the workshop are:

• Semtech

• Microchip

• Design houses per location

  • WSI (Stockholm)
  • Svep (Lund)


Check out these links to learn more about LoRa prior to the workshops.


Semtech, the RF chip supplier for the LoRa technology:


Microchip,LoRa based module:



Bring your own laptop for the workshop session. You will get a Microchip module for your demo and to bring home.


Workshops will take place on the following dates and locations:



Tuesday February 2nd, 2016. Hosted by WSI AB



Wednesday February 3rd, 2016. Hosted by Svep AB


Participation fee

SEK 625,-  (Includes the LoRa kit to bring home)


Registration by e-mail to

Patrik Särenfors, psa@indesmatech.com.


You will receive an outlook meeting invite with address details etc.


We hope to see you for an exciting workshop that will give you a full overview on this new Long Range RF technology.






Registration and Welcome



  • LoRa technology overview (Semtech)
  • LoRaWAN protocol (Semtech)
  • - Classes of nodes. Security and provisioning
  • LoRa based modules (Microchip)
  • LoRa Infrastructure. Gateways and Cloud solutions
  • Design house engagement – what can you obtain?
  • - WSI, Svep
  • LoRa Alliance and design methodologies (Indesmatech)
  • - Needs and benefits of Alliance
  • - Chip vs. Module


Workshop – make your own connection on a LoRa module.

  • Connect to a network. Gateways are installed in appropriate distances.
  • Send and receive data

12:30 Lunch


13:00 End

Indesmatech ApS

Scion DTU

Diplomvej 381

2800 Kgs. Lyngby