InvenSense now represented by Indesmatech in the Nordics

InvenSense is a leading edge MEMS supplier and offers compact and advanced Motion Sensors with up to 9 axis. 3 axis Gyro, 3 axis Accelerometer and 3 axis Compass. Additionally, the devices have integrated DSP’s and an ARM M0 processor core that can be used for sensor fusion algorithms og make the device react intelligently on certain inputs.

The devices are available in packages from 3*3*1 mm. InvenSense have a complete family of Motion Sensors from 3 to 9 axis. They are designed for low power consumption applications, and are very suitable for battery-powered applications, like next generation Wearables, Drones and Toys.


InvenSense also offers MEMS Microphones in small packages and a high dynamic range. The Micro-phones are suitable for applications like Headsets, Mobile phones, Smart speakers etc. The newest Microphones have a very high dynamic range and can work at a very high sound level without distortion.


Indesmatech is responsible for all Sales, Marketing and technical support in close cooperation with the authorized distributors, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.



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