Intel PSG 55 nm MAX®10 FPGA

Intel PSG 55 nm MAX®10 FPGAs offer system-level cost savings through increased integration of external system component functions.


MAX 10 FPGAs include full-featured FPGA capabilities, such as digital signal processing (DSP), analog blocks with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and a temperature sensor, embedded soft processor support, memory controllers, and dual configuration flash.


Prices start from 1 USD in volume. Size from 3*3 mm (36 pins) to 27*27 mm ( 672 pins)


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Alter 55 NM max 10 fpga


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Tools & EV-kits


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Intel PSG: Enabling industry-leading companies to win in their markets

FPGA’s are the electronic components that can provide the most innovation resources to the future of industrial products in the short and especially long-term.


For many companies this will be a huge technological leap for the department of development.


Indesmatech can ensure that your company makes the right choice and gets the support from the best of the Danish experts when Intel PSG FPGA's are used.

Innovation Teams are composed with design experts working min. 60% of their time with development.


The design-in support is carried out by engineers from independent design and development companies with widely design experience within the specific skills. They will be qualified for the assignment and we call them ACE - Authorized Consultant Engineers.


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