REP VER. 2.0

DMP - REP V.2.0


The current structure of multi-distribution and representatives (REP’s) has been around for many years and is not ideal to support the industry’s need for innovative use and sub-sequent design-in support of the more complex systems.


The new concept can be considered as a REP ver. 2.0 and is called DMP – Design-in and Marketing Partner. Indesmatech is hence a representative of semiconductor manufacturers, but with a significantly larger responsibility to support the innovative products through Design-in Support and Marketing.


Innovation Teams are composed with design experts working min. 60% of their time with actual development.


The design-in support is carried out by engineers from Independent Design Houses (IDH) with widely design experience within the specific skills. They will be qualified for the as-signment and are called ACE - Authorized Consultant Engineer.


Design and Marketing Partner has 3 main focuses:

  • Dedicated senior sales people penetrating customers at higher management level to enable tactical and strategic partnership.
  • Best-in-class design-in support by using local experts from Independent Design House (IDH) with in-depth design experiences. We call it Authorized Consultant Engineers, ACE.
  • Local marketing activities with intensive use of the internet.

You as customer obtain

  • In depth technical know-how on system performance and implementation
  • Advanced Multi-core CPU/GPU/FPGA and software tool support from qualified specialists that are working with the tools/cores on daily basis
  • Analog, digital and power supply schematics in your specific tool formats.
  • Higher flexibility in choice of supply chain.
  • Faster time to market by faster access to experts without additional cost
  • Fell more comfortable taking a strategic decision and going for new technologies.


Get a shorter and more efficient project process with new technology

Indesmatech has signed agreements with a number of Semiconductor specialists. They all see a great advantage in the use of ACE's in order to create an understanding of the new technological opportunities and ensure local technical support.


This may for instance occur when challenges associated with the implementation of advanced algorithms Open Source software and / or high-speed designs arise. ACE's from the Independent Design Houses have exactly this design experience and can hence advise you on the optimum solution.


The traditional Field Application Engineers at the distributors will of course continue to provide support on "Chips & Tools" – which means, ensuring the proper choice of components and e.g. set up of development tools.


Customers will obtain a much more competent and efficient support throughout all relevant fields in the initialization of a complex FPGA design. E.G. a system design, hard-ware layout and software / VHDL.


This support will ensure a shorter and more efficient project process, in particular by the introduction of a new technology.


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