REP VER. 2.0

Design-in and Marketing Partner

DMP - REP V.2.0 

The current structure of multi-distribution and representatives (REP’s) has been around for many years and is not ideal to support the industry’s need for innovative use and sub-sequent design-in support of the more complex systems.

The new concept can be considered as a REP ver. 2.0 and is called DMP – Design-in and Marketing Partner. Indesmatech is hence a representative of semiconductor manufacturers, but with a significantly larger responsibility to support the innovative products through Design-in Support and Marketing.

Innovation Teams are composed with design experts working min. 60% of their time with actual development.

The design-in support is carried out by engineers from Independent Design Houses (IDH) with widely design experience within the specific skills. They will be qualified for the as-signment and are called ACE - Authorized Consultant Engineer.

Design and Marketing Partner has 3 main focuses:
> Dedicated senior sales people penetrating customers at higher management level to enable tactical and strategic partnership.
> Best-in-class design-in support by using local experts from Independent Design House (IDH) with in-depth design experiences.
  We call it Authorized Consultant Engineers, ACE.
> Local marketing activities with intensive use of the internet.

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