Get a shorter and more efficient project process with new technology

Indesmatech has signed agreements with FPGA manufacturer Intel FPG,  Audio chip specialist Conexant, and mixed Signal Specialist Semtech.


They all see a great advantage in the use of ACE's in order to create an understanding of the new technological opportunities and ensure local technical support.


This may for instance occur when challenges associated with the implementation of advanced algorithmns Open Source software and / or high-speed designs arise. ACE's from the Independent Design Houses have exactly this design experience and can hence advise you on the optimum solution.

The traditional Field Application Engineers at the distributors will of course continue to provide support on "Chips & Tools" – which means, ensuring the proper choice of components and e.g. set up of development tools.


Customers will obtain a much more competent and efficient support through out all relevant fields in the initialization of a complex FPGA design. E.G. a system design, hardware layout and software / VHDL.


This support will ensure a shorter and more efficient project process, in particular by the introduction of a new technology.


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OpenCL online courses

OpenCL is now ready to be used for FPGA development. It provides many C programmers to efficiently exploit FPGA's without having to rewrite the C algorithms to VHDL.


It requires, however, that you understand the structure of parallelization and memory approaches in your problem solution.

Learn more about OpenCL on the links below:


OpenCL training 1


OpenCL training 2


OpenCL training 3


Altera OpenCL Software tools


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