A Strategic Business Development Advisor

Indesmatech is also a strategic business development advisor that specializes in helping companies create new business value by leveraging the potential of IoT. We help you create ideas and business cases, quickly put together a proof-of-concept, select the right technology and partners, set-up pilots and implement a future-proof IoT solution.

The Indesmatech team together have more than 100 years of experience from all the layers of the IoT technology stack from embedded solutions through communication to high performance computing.

Small or even large companies will need experienced senior management with a deep technical and long business background. Indesmatech can provide one or more senior advisors to help companies make fast decisions and ensure that the project or product is designed and marketed in the best possible way.

The typical customer is a start-up with a young team or large companies that are going to use new technologies and business models.

Areas where Indesmatech can bring top-down knowledge could be within system design, HW design, Business models, audio, AI, IoT and Industry 4.0.

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