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Indesmatech is a North European Technology and Advisory company.
We engage in the complete project value chain from Idea to Implementation.
From Chip level to System level.

Semtech is partnering with industry leaders to share our expertise on the latest and greatest with LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol

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• Participate in workshops and explore leading IoT solutions
• Network with Semtech's LoRa experts and learn how to speed up your development process
• Get real- advice and best practices from experts with years of industry experience

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About Indesmatech

A North European company 

We are a Technology and Advisory company on specific Semiconductor solutions. We help you setting up the team using the optimal internal and/or external resources to obtain faster time to market and quicker ROI.

We cover Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Baltic States, UK and Ireland, from 5 office locations in the area. We cover specific technology areas in all Europe and specific end customers Globally.

Our Business Model

• Agent for semiconductor suppliers (REP ver. 2.0)
• Consulting services for R&D, System Solutions and Business Development.
• Webshop and VAR for device manufacturers

We serve our partner and customer engagements with the experiences we have obtained from involvement in 800+ projects over 30+ years.

Our Focus Areas

• Wireless IoT & Communications
• Embedded Computing, AI, FPGA and Memory
• Audio & Sensing

More information

Check out the various sections of the menu and explore more on the individual services, technology areas, and solutions.

What We Can Offer

Advisory partner

Indesmatech is a strategic business development advisor specializing in helping companies create new business value by leveraging the potential of IoT. 


Our Linecard

Indesmatech represents leading brands within Advanced Technologies. See a list of some of  Worlds most advanced digital systems and software.


Web shop

Indesmatech has engaged with several system solution providers to offer a variety of products for LoRaWAN infrastructure. The offerings are “end to end”. 


Workshops & Seminars

From The Future of LoRaWAN® to the great Internet of Things 2.0 we got you covered. Follow our webinars online or attend a variaty of workshops & seminars.


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